What we offer

Language Courses

We offer language classes at all levels from beginner to advanced levels. The languages taught are: Italian, German,English, Spanish and African languages such as Yemba, Ewondo, Douala, Ewe (Togo)

At CLIRAP we offer Italian classes from A1 to C2, and will continue to do so. We offer:
– Italian for studies in Italian universities: the course is offered to those who are holders of Bacc or GCE Advanced level and who wish to enroll Italian universities and advanced professional schools.
Duration of the course: 6 to 7 months. At the end of the session, candidate must take a B2 or even C1 Italian international language exam.
To find out the start dates of the courses in preparation for the various Italian language exam sessions, CLICK HERE
To know all the procedure related to studying in Italy as a holder of the Bacc or GCE Advanced Level, from learning the language to applying for a visa, CLICK here.

– Italian for Family reunion: This course has been tailored to suit the needs of children or parents who wish to join their family member (s) in Italy.
-Italian for Business and tourism: This course is offered to those who wish to take a business trip in Italy, or simply visit Italy for a short period. The contents of the course has been designed to suit your needs as we plunge you into day-to-day reality of Italian people.

English today is undoubtedly amongst the most spoken language in the world and CLIRAP is fully aware of this. We offer English courses for all level and for all walks of life. You will undergo a Placement test that allows us to better fit you in the appropriate level class. You will just take two months to learn each of the levels we offer. Not only do we release you a Testimonial at the end of the training course, but we also provide you with a sound English language knowledge so that you can take international English language exam as well: TOEFL, IELTS, PET, etc. We remain flexible to any reasonable proposal you may bring in.
This module has been tailored mainly for young francophone Africans who are planning to study in non-Anglo-Saxon universities in Europe and Asia. It has been revealed that English Language remains a major obstacle to success for many international students. In Italy, for example, students must take an English language exam before they graduate.

Most of those who request German language wish to study in German universities. As such, we prepare them for B1 Zertificat Deutch that will allow them to get the visa to Germany. However some would like to take the B2 level to get full registration at the university right from the first year of the stay in Germany. We also offer German courses for business, work purposes and family reunion. The German course for study purposes last 6 months while those for business, work or family reunion take three months.
It is important to note that we offer special German tutorship for secondary and high students as they prepare to take their official end-of-year exams.
NOTE: In 2022 CLIRAP has become an ÖSD International German Examination Centre. For the time being, exams are taken in CLIRAP LOME-TOGO

Just as is the case with German, we offer Spanish classes to secondary and high school students who wish to take official exams at the end of year. Some request Spanish courses for job and business purposes. Others for migration in Spain, Equatorial Guinea and South America countries.

– Each candidate who wishes to take French course must first undergo a proficiency test unless it is his or her ever first contact with the French language and culture.
We prepare and help students who wish to enroll in Universities in France as well as in any other francophone university.
We also offer French classes for job and business purposes.

CLIRAP is at the forefront with regard to the promotion if African languages and cultures. The African languages we teach depend on the learning environment of the users. For example CLIRAP Yaounde offers Ewondo language, CLIRAP Dschang offers Yemba course, Ewe in Lome. It is worth noting that we operate on the basis of the users’ request and on the resources at our disposal.


CLIRAP encourages holders of a License or Bachelor Degree to continue their studies in Masters at Italian universities. In this regard, CLIRAP has opened a Post-License / Bachelor Studies Office, which is responsible for all CLIRAPs in Africa. If you are interested in studying for a Masters in Italy, send an email to the following addresses: [email protected] or even to [email protected] . You can also contact us via facebook: clirapdschang or Assadio Assadio. By Whatsapp on 00393480372548


CLIRAP has felt a very essential need for all: that of the translation and legalization of documents in Italian Embassies and Consulates in Africa, as well as in Italian courts and in Embassies and Consulates of African countries in Italy.
The great innovation of CLIRAP was that of setting up a tracking system through a registration number that we give you to control the progress and the monitoring of your documents, until the end of the procedure (withdrawal of the document at a CLIRAP secretariat or sending of the legalized document at your residence abroad).
For translation and legalization of your documents for the purposes of:
• Continuation of studies in Italy (Translation + Income statement)
• Application for nationality
•Family reunion
• Return and investment in Africa
Please contact us directly on whatsapp on 00393480372548
Or, you can contact the CLIRAP Campus closest to you.


CLIRAP regularly organizes conferences on the academic orientation of young Africans, on academic success in Europe and on skills needs for the development of Africa. CLIRAP strongly encourages the return of young African graduates, convinced that they are and will remain the real players in the transfer of technologies to Africa. CLIRAP encourages the promotion of African culture, the pride of African identity and the promotion of African products in Europe.


It is a facebook page, where videos are published mainly on strategic sectors for the development of Africa, and cultural exchanges between Africa and the rest of the world. By liking and visiting the CLIRAP Educational page frequently, you might finally answer the question ‘’What can I do for my country or for my continent?” ‘’What are my capacities in relation to the sector I am going to choose?’’ ‘’What are the opportunities that may arise, or that I can create for myself, at the end of the training?’’ Etc.
To see our videos on the courses to choose, go to the Clirap educational facebook page


November 2007. Visit of the Italian Ambassador to Cameroon to Clirap Yaounde, H.E. ANTONIO BELLAVIA

September 2008. Visit of the Officer in charge of cultural affairs at the Italian Ambassy, Mrs. Maria Raffaella Anselmi, to CLIRAP Yaoundé

June 2009. Visit of the Head of African Affairs of the Italian Council for Refugees, Martina Socci, to CLIRAP Yaounde

May 2013. Visit of the Head of the Goethe Institute of Yaounde, Mrs Djiango Margit, to CLIRAP Yaounde

June 2013. Visit of the Head of the Goethe Institute in Yaounde, Mrs. Djiango Margit, to CLIRAP Douala

May 2014. Visit of the Head of Scholarship Office of the University of Modena Reggio / Emilia, Dott. Gatti, at CLIRAP Yaounde, CLIRAP Douala, CLIRAP Dschang

March 2015. Visit of the Italian Ambassador to Cameroon, Mrs. Samuela Isopi, to Clirap Yaoundé

May 2016. Visit to CLIRAP Douala, CLIRAP Dschang and CLIRAP Yaoundé of the Vice / Rector in charge of International Affairs and Internationalization Projects of the University of Modena Reggio Emiglia, Prof. Sergio Ferrari

February 2017. Visit of Prof. Pietro Cataldi, Rector of the University for Foreigners of Siena, to CLIRAP Yaounde.