About Us

We are a cultural association that
aims at supporting and promoting development in Africa and within the African community groups abroad. In order to achieve our goals, we daily try to undertake the following key initiatives:
– We supply information to young Africans to make them aware of the dangers and risks of illegal migration;
-We help and encourage them to choose university or professional training course that will be most suitable for job and development in Africa;
– We mediate for better cultural understanding between Africans and other citizens of the world, and we do it by promoting the learning of foreign languages;
– On regular basis, we sensitize them by organizing conferences on the strengths and weaknesses of each course, country, city etc.
– We encourage young African graduates abroad to return to Africa in oder to foster the development of their continent.

-We provide them with appropriate information with regard to study visa request, certification of documents (for citizenship, family reunion, as well as any other consular file to exhibit)
We promote key African touristic sites to attract and revamp tourism in Africa;
-We offer translation services and act as interpreters.

The reliability of our initiatives is real, thanks to the numerous agreements that link us to academic, diplomatic and cultural institutions throughout the world.