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Clirap Yaoundé

In the heart of the Cameroonian capital, close to diplomatic institutions, headed by a High Representative of CLIRAP in charge of Relations with Embassies and the Cameroonian Diaspora. In Cameroon, it is the Centre of the exam Italian L2 Cert.it Certification from the University of Rome III (Italy). This is the starting point for translations and legalization of documents. Click here to visit the CLIRAP Yaoundé ’image gallery.

Mail: [email protected] [email protected] Contacts: (+237) 222 31 14 05
(+237) 699 29 85 64
(+237) 675 48 97 01

Facebook: Clirap Yaounde
Skype: Clirap Yaounde

Clirap Yaoundé Bastos Nlongkak

Located in the heart of the administrative district of the city of Yaoundé, the Clirap Yaounde Bastos is the Centre of the Italian L2 Cert.it Certification exam at the University of Rome III (Italy). It is the venue of preparation of the students holding the B2 exam for the entrance examination to Italian universities.

Facebook: Clirap Yaounde Bastos- Nlongkak
Telephone: 696667225

Clirap Douala

CLIRAP Douala welcomes you in its premises where only comfort and quality of services are the  watchwords.

It is the very first CILS examination centre in Douala, thanks to a partnership concluded with the University for Foreigners of SIENA since 2008, more so, the only Italian language examination center in Cameroon which welcomes candidates of all levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. CLIRAP Douala is a leader in quality and in standard, all of this confirmed by the very high success rate for both the Italian language exams and the consular interview organized by the Embassy.

The great success achieved in the German exams makes CLIRAP Douala a much admired partner of the Goethe Institute.

A super-equipped English department has been coordinated for 8 years by a team of cutting-edge teachers, who from CLIRAP Douala is an undisputed centre of French-English bilingualism in Cameroon.

In addition, there is a very highly qualified Translation and Legalization service at the Honorary Consulate of Italy in Douala. Click here to visit CLIRAP Douala image gallery.

Contact: Carrefour Happy Sport, 670 07 75 37/699 21 01 16

Mail: [email protected]

[email protected]

Clirap Dschang

In the heart of the historic and tourist town of Dschang, CLIRAP has provided its students with a most pleasant study environment, where life is enjoyable, with  temperatures ranging between 20 and 22 degrees. The most bilingual city in Cameroon is full of what to ensure a great openness to learners and guarantee them a certain flight towards horizons of choice.

Created in 2012, Clirap Dschang quickly picked the track in the city by ensuring not only a quality teaching, but also by offering several choices to candidates for Italian, English, German exams, etc. Much more, it keeps touch with the diplomatic institutions of the capital, thus avoiding unnecessary trips to students by providing them with accurate information on the spot and by submitting their documents whenever need arises. Click here to visit CLIRAP Dschang (image gallery).

Contact: Opposite Constellation Hotel, 697701558/679540747 /


Mail: [email protected]

[email protected]

Clirap Lomé (Togo)

Since 2012, Clirap Campus in Lomé has been able to solve a great lack in the West African Sub-region which until then lacked a serious institution that could provide students with reliable information as well as advice and orientations with a view to continuing their studies in the West and returning to contribute to the development that Africa as a whole is in great need. Click here to visit CLIRAP Lomé image gallery.

Contact: Adidogome-doganto,
Tel: +228 92561281/97621942/22391814 E-mail: [email protected]

Clirap Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire)

CLIRAP has been opened in the heart of the Ivorian capital since December 2016. Young Africans from Cote d’Ivoire now have the opportunity to learn the Italian language under high-level comfort for which CLIRAP is known, and by its standard of Excellency. CLIRAP Abidjan organized its first Italian language exam, CERT.IT in June 2016, and CILS in December 2016. CLIRAP Abidjan has an agreement with the University of Rome III, and with the University for Foreigners of Siena. It is therefore possible to write and obtain a level B2 Italian language diploma in Cote d’Ivoire. Contact CLIRAP Abidjan if you wish to study the Italian language in Ivory Coast. Click here to visit CLIRAP Abidjan image gallery.

Clirap Brazzaville (Congo)

This is the newly born of CLIRAP.
The Africans of Congo were until then obliged to apply for a visa to go and sit for a language exam in Italy, to return to Brazzaville before applying again for a visa to study in Italy. CLIRAP Brazzaville has been for, first of all, teaching and evaluating young Congolese in languages, particularly the Italian language according to international standards, therefore CLIRAP boasts an indisputable reputation. CLIRAP Brazzaville has an agreement with the University of Rome III for the organization and administration of the Cert.it exam.

Located in the neat district of Wouende, north of Brazzaville, the capital city. This new campus will allow young Africans residing in this country and tempted to illegal migration, not only to arrive legally in Europe, but above all to be better prepare to face the challenges they will find themselves in the course of their university career. Click here to visit the CLIRAP Brazzaville image gallery.

Clirap Italia

This is the Representation of CLIRAP in Italy. We have been based in Turin since 2013. CLIRAP Italia was created with the aim of facilitating the integration of African students in Italy, through information on various institutions competent in legal affairs and the integration of foreigners from final registration to request and / or granting of the scholarship on which almost all African students depend for their survival in Italy and the success of their studies. Questura, Segreteria Studentie, Ente di di Diritto allo Studio Universiatrio, Azienda Sanitaria Locale etc.