Reddit Review of Total War: Warhammer 2

Reddit review of Total Conflict: Warhammer 2

The total war series is one of my favorite strategy games, and the sequel for this game was pretty remarkable. It brings the complete Warhammer universe to a new setting while keeping a strong central that followers will love.

A number of factions had been added to the sport plus they all have their own personalities which makes them feel not the same as one another. This is a good thing since it will help the storyplot and marketing campaign to be better.

Some of these backrounds are more powerful than the previous ones which gives them a sense of importance. However , these types of factions have also a lot of weak points which makes them more prone to get exploited by AI.

There is a new marketing campaign mechanic referred to as vortex that allows you to race your units up against the AI of course, if you win you obtain a benefit to your military services. This is a great thought, but it is very also really hard to implement.

If you have a micro extensive device then you can “gift” it to your opponent right through the combat so they can control it while you focus on infantry. This is a really cool feature besides making the challenges much more enjoyable.

The challenges in this video game are a lot short than they should be because you can usually half of your army in the field whenever they want. This is also a large problem with duress battles as they are extremely short and you only have a windows of time to manage your military services while the AI cheeses upon capture internet points.

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